"Look from above" by Peter Reinman - Excio Photo Review

"Taken on a visit to the Botanic Gradens, Wellington." by Peter Reinman

The Good Things About This Photo

The content of the picture looks like it’s from a fairytale, it is truly amazing. I like the perspective this shot was taken from, it captures the most elements in one shot.

The colours are perfect, not too saturated and not too bland, the right balance. The focus is also spot on and the aperture used also seems to be the right choice so good job.

Improvements That Could Be Made

I think this picture could’ve been made even better if you had chosen a different composition. Personally, I would have tried to capture a little bit more of the background above the lake rather than the one in front of it. But for all I know, there could’ve been a road above it or something else unsightly! If there isn’t anything distracting, shoot a little bit more of the landscape behind the subject rather than in front of it - In this case 'the subject' being the towered gazebo.

An example of a composition I would go for.

​In terms of exposure, this image is too dark, about 1 stop underexposed but the good thing is that you can fix this easily in post processing. It's easier to fix when you're shooting in RAW format but you can also make improvements with jpg files. I would suggest trying to lift the shadows around the lake to give it a much more open feel and make the colours pop a bit more.

I personally would have chosen to remove the two ladies on the bench using Photoshop because they they are distracting when looking at the picture, moving your eye away from the tower.

When I'm looking at a photograph of a body of water, long exposure photography is the first thing that comes to my mind. If you have a steady tripod, using longer exposures to smooth out the water and give it a silky smooth look can be extremely rewarding since it is so easy to do but it also gives your photos a more professional look.

Recap & Edit

A really beautiful image with a lot of potential, easily a professional looking photo with a little bit of tweaking. I’ll leave a example below to give you an idea at what I’m aiming for in terms of colours and exposure.

In the above version I increased the overall exposure, then I lifted the shadows in the lake, added a mask to it and painted in some colour to make it stand out more. I also removed the two people on the bench by copying one bench and pasting it to the other and then removing the excess with a layer mask. The most important thing to do while editing photos like these is to use non-destructive tools such as layer masks rather than erasers etc.

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