Photo Review - "Skyscrapers" by Victoria Lu

The Things This Photo Gets Right


I simply love the composition with the tall skyscrapers on both sides and the big building reflecting off of the left one. The one in front of you is so high that you can’t even see where it ends, it just blends into the sky and I find that so awesome.


You also picked the right perspective for this kind of photo. It seems like common sense to shoot up when you have something tall in the frame but a lot of people completely forget it in moments like this so good job!

Exposure & Dynamic Range

The exposure/dynamic range is perfect! A common problem with shooting the sky is that the photo either ends up too dark or blown out, depending on the thing you exposed for. Both the buildings and the sky in this shot have exceptional detail in them.

How This Photo Could Be Improved


One thing that I think could have been improved this shot is levelling out the building in front so that it is straight since it is the main subject in the frame. I think it would have given the whole photo a more powerful impact, showing that care and thought went into it, whether that's fixed at the time you take the photo or afterwards in post-processing.

The photo below shows the same image after levelling the front building.


I don’t know with what kind of lens you took this photo but the most important lesson that every photographer can learn while using a prime lens is “zooming in/out with your feet”. Since prime lenses can’t change focal range it is important to frame your shots by stepping closer/further away.

I would love to see this scene while standing almost directly under the tall skyscraper to make it seem even taller than it already is.

Having Fun with Fine Art Alternatives

As soon I saw this shot I thought to myself that it has huge potential to become a sort of fine art architectural photo. I think that converting it to black and white and adding a lot of contrast could really give a lot of power to this photo.

A fun alternative would be an interesting colour correction. I know it’s kind of cliché but the teal/orange combination would look really good here.

See my examples below and let me know in the comments what you think!

Black and White + contrast

Teal / orange colour alteration

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