Photo Review- "ANZAC Day 2018" by Tony Reddrop

Anzac Day 2018 5.30 Palmerston North Square. Taken with a Fuji XE-3 at F2.8, ISO1600, 23mm.

Initial Thoughts

I love the idea, the silhouette of a family in front of a red background, it really gives the picture a special look. The position of the family members is wonderful, it gives the image both a dynamic and static feeling.

The exposure is perfect for the look you were trying to achieve, it might not be technically correct but in this instance it doesn't matter.

In my eyes, the most important thing about this photo is the story that it carries. It looks like the couple had more children and some of them were more family oriented while the other two were there to find something more. Everyone can interpret this for themselves, this is the strongest point about the whole photo.

The Crop

One thing I immediately noticed is the crop of the photo and the position of the subjects of interest. If you perfectly centred the red background in the image and made it symmetrical whilst warping it a little bit to make it a perfect rectangle, it would give a much more finished look to the picture, making it even more striking.

Below is an example of the crop I mean. This really makes it look like fine art, maybe even a painting.The beauty with the black around the picture is that you can really play with that negative space to make whatever you want around the picture.

Post Processing

Aside from the crop, you could make the darker red parts a little brighter to have a little more contrast between the person on the left and the dark red colour. There is also a little bit of the red bleeding through some parts of the frame, this can also be easily fixed in post processing.


I know this was a really short review of the photo but the good/bad thing about artistic photos is that you can either like them or not, in this case I really like it.

I could write a bunch of lessons about the exposure not being right but it is obvious that this effect was done on purpose to achieve a certain effect - You have to know when to break the rules!

All in all, a great image with an even greater message behind it, a few little tweaks and it would be perfect.

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