Photo Review - The Knight by Klarissa Leug

Knights tournament re-enactment in Moscow, Russia by Klarissa Leug

Great things about this photo:

Correct shutter speed settings. This is something essential when we're talking about this type of photography. Since this is a scene which involves some fast moving objects, selecting a higher shutter speed is always needed in order to achieve a crisp and a non-blurry photo. It's also worth pointing out that this photo has just the right exposure (not over or under exposed).

Scene set up. The next thing I like about this photo is the scene itself and everything that this scene has to offer. I think the photographer did a great job of capturing the horseman in a perfect position. It almost seems like the horseman and his steed were modelling for the photographer.

Composition. Another thing I like about this photo is the placing of the main subject in this photo. Since we're talking here about sports/event/people (portrait) photography, we can distance ourselves from the rule of the thirds. In this type of photography, where living beings represent the main subjects, more often than not, the most appropriate positioning of our main subject would be right in the centre of the shot. This reason for this is to emphasise our main subject. In this shot, the horseman is right in the centre of the photo right where he needs to be, as he is in the centre of the attention in the event too.

Things that can be improved:

  • Distracting objects. One of the things that always tends to give any photo a less sophisticated look are the distractions that shouldn't have been there. For this particular photo, the distraction is marked in the image below: