"Love Heart Man" - Interview with Joshua Wotton

Whilst walking the city of Wellington one day I came across an artist known as "Love Heat Man" who was doing a mural on a temporary wall to empower and inspire people. Through talking to him I learned that he also runs a holiday youth group where he tries to do the same thing - empower and inspire young kids with the power of art and self expression and he's been very successful in doing so. Image details: Kodak Portra 400 film Ghuznee Street - Wellington, New Zealand.
Joshua, tell us a bit about yourself, how you started photography and why?

Back in late 2015 - early 2016 I borrowed a friends camera and took it out one night. I ended up having a whole lot of fun just shooting and documenting the night and ended up getting some really cool photos, some of my favourites to date. From there on I just fell in love with the art and started to invest in my own cameras to feed my hobby that then led to me taking photos for a clothing store I was working at at the time and from there on out it just became my thing. I guess it just all happened naturally and I learnt to just trust my gut and natural eye.

You gravitate towards street photography, can you tell us what challenges you have faced and how you overcame them?

Although I don’t feel I fit into any one category, I do really enjoy going out onto the streets and just seeing what comes my way - I think I also just really enjoy finding/meeting new people, as in the case with the first photo when I met the 'Love Heart Man'.

I think the biggest challenge people have is finding the courage to shoot strangers or approaching and asking them for their photo, this was something I had to learn fast. You need to be confident and friendly that way you come across really genuine and 80-90% of the time people say they would love to have their photo taken.

Tell us more about your photo "Love Heart Man" - what was happening behind the shot? Did you just approach the artist while he was working?