Photo Review - Backlight by Simon Cobb

"I was experimenting with backlighting in this image as the combination of sunlight and spring colours made the leaves glow." Simon Cobb

Initial Thoughts from the Reviewer

I have mixed feelings about this photo. Overall it’s a nice photo and I like how you captured the light and colours. But what I miss is a creative point of view. The frame is completely filled with leaves and different colours and that’s totally fine however, shooting from another angle or concentrating on one detail, one leaf or just the upper part of the current image would make this photo really stand out as shown below.

Another thing that confuses me is the strange focus. Your focus is on one small spot - the bright leaf in the background (within the blue box below) and because of that most of the image is slightly blurred. Wider focus and deeper DOF (bigger f-stop number means deeper depth of field and wider focus. Ie, f/8) would work much better.

Such a large amount of light on this leaf is not leaving any space fo