Photo review - Creative Tree by Sara Walls

"Out late at night without a tripod I didn’t know how to take images of the decorative lights, so I tried a creative shot instead to capture the mood." Sara Wells

The good things about this photo

You said that you were taking pictures at night and you didn’t have a tripod so you just went for a creative approach to show the mood of the picture and I really do think that you achieved that. Just a relaxed and spontaneous night out, with lots of bright lights creating a wonderful mood, good job!

I love the idea behind the picture too, taking a normal picture and adding some motion blur to it to make it look different and interesting but you can still tell what the picture originally was.

Now to the things that could use some fixing

Since this isn’t the average photo I get submitted to review I confess I am kind of stuck here. This photo belongs more in a fine art genre since it’s so subjective.

It definitely isn’t technically correct, which we both know it wasn’t meant to be in the first place - It’s here to make a statement, to portray a mood, to be visually stimulative.

The worst/best part is that someone may hate it, but another person may love it and that is what’s so hard about fine art, you can’t objectively judge it.

Since this isn’t an ordinary photo review submission I’ll just create a few other visuals that you could’ve gone with and hope they inspire you to keep playing!