Wallpapers As An Old/New Way Of Connection

Photo by Federica Galli/Unsplash

Ever since the computer breakthrough in the mid to late 90s, photos and wallpapers have been a part of everyday life and a great way of expressing oneself.

At first, it started as something fun: you would choose your favourite image from a choice of 8 or 10 desktop background photos (at that time you didn't have as many options as today!) and you would quickly get used to seeing that image.

Soon you would never think about it as more than just a thing covering your background, supporting your My Computer and Paint icons. But slowly people began to realise that by placing a photo that had some deeper personal meaning, you could actually set your mind to a certain mood and convey your interests and personality at the same time.

Photo by Tinh Khuong/Unsplash

Fast forward 25 years or so and you find a world of selfies, social networks and millions of apps with gorgeous photos just waiting to be downloaded.