Magnolia by Brandon Smith - Photo Review

"Spring Magnolia. Taking and seeing photos of flowers makes me happy. I loved the colour contrast I caught in this image." - Brandon Smith

Reviewer's Comments Spring flowers make me happy too! I always claim nature knows its way with colours and this photo is proof of that. Purple and green go great together!

Focus Tip

My first thought when looking at this photo is the lack of focus as I can't find one clear spot - Maybe the flower moved in the breeze as you were pressing the shutter button?

For this kind of photo tracking autofocus is of great help. Focus tracking is an option available in most cameras today but it has to be enabled through camera settings. Alternatively, if using manual focus, there's usually a button somewhere on the camera to quickly enable/disable it. Once you enable it, look through the viewfinder and adjust focus until the part of the image you want in focus is crystal clear. Once that's done you don't have to worry if a petal or leaf will move slightly in the breeze as it will stay focused.


I'm unsure why you used a very high ISO when taking this photo. There is usually no need to use ISO-800 when taking still life photos. An ISO under 200 would help you get a sharper image - If it was a case of leaving the ISO set high from a previous session, don't worry - We have all been there! Remember to check your settings before you take the shot to ensure everything is setup as it should be.

Composition Tip

For me, this beautiful flower deserves more than a basic centered composition - I would have liked to have seen either a full macro, a different angle, or the flower placed in one third of the frame... Something like this maybe: