Photo Review - Lake Hawea by Cynthia S.

"An atypical image from the South Island, Lake Hawea, Wanaka. I wanted to capture the layers, colours and textures in the landform. For me there is something pleasing about the consistent granularity of the shadows, earth, lake, mountains and sky."

Initial Thoughts:

  • The idea behind the picture - I love the way you showed the whole mountain and lake while still being able to capture the mountains reflection in the shot. It gives the picture a whole new dimension.

  • The exposure is good but more importantly the dynamic range is outstanding. Basically, the sky isn’t blown out, it has so many details in it while the other parts of the image are also exposed perfectly. There are no hard shadows, no hard highlights, just pure awesomeness.

  • I like how the colours look natural and they are almost pastel, it gives the image a nice calm feel.


  • I do like the way you captured everything in this photo but I would advise you to move a little bit further out to the lake and capture more of the sky and less of the ground. The ground does have interesting colours and patterns but if you cut down on the amount of it you show, water and the reflections would add more impact to the picture.

  • Another alternative could be lowering your camera to the ground a bit more, capturing the shadows and the bright sky which would be an awesome effect, transitioning from the dark to the bright.

  • I don’t know what was to the left of the frame but it seems like an awesome sight where two mountains meet and close a gap, I’m thinking (if there wasn’t any other distractions in the frame) that you could’ve stood really close to the lake, lowered your camera and shot the gap so it is position in the middle while capturing the reflections in the water.