Photo Review - Dubrovnik by Frank Stoks

Visiting historic Dubrovnik is mass tourism. So we picked a day with the fewest cruise ships in port and after a storm. Looking down from the perimeter wall we were taken by the extent of new roofing that was repaired after the conflict and the narrowness of the lanes.

Initial Thoughts

Patterns. The first thing that I noticed in this photo were loads and loads of different patterns of tiles on the rooftops. Photographing rooftops is almost always a good idea as it utilises repetition, which is key in pattern photography. Pattern photography is more often than not going to appeal viewers because of its simplicity but also its character at the same time.

Colour tones. Something that really stands out in this photo are its colour tones. The orange tone of the tiles on the rooftops are so nicely featured and make the rooftops really appealing as the main objects in this scene, which is something that is always needed when making something from still life as interesting to the viewers as it can be. With all this said, good colour tone of the tiles are kept with good colour tones of the other objects in the photo which is sometimes hard to achieve.

Contrast. Something that is well respected in photography is having colour contrasts in the photo. For this particular photo, we have 3 colour contrasts, take a look at the image explanation below: