Humanising flower photography

It’s no secret that flower photography is often referred to as ”boring” along with cars, weddings and some other “unfortunate” genres falling into the same category because, at the end of the day, what's new about it?

Street photography, photojournalism, landscapes, and wildlife on the other hand are always changing – there are people, emotions, and movement involved that we all can relate to and is what makes those images dynamic and interesting.

It’s almost impossible to replicate those types of photos because the moment is gone, while a nice photo of a flower is something that everyone can take! True? Not quite… Changing perspective on nature and flower photography so as to break stereotypes can have a big impact on how you see things.

Flowers have their own personalities

Be creative and treat flowers as people – they have different personalities. Some of them are very shy and hide their beauty so it can easily be overlooked if you are just passing by or in a rush. Take the time to get up close and personal, move your relationship with the flowers to the next level and they will literally open their world to you!

Some flowers are attention-seekers! They are bright, they are unmissable and they are unforgettable. Try experimenting with abstract shots, different angles and close ups to capture these bright