Photo Review - The Lonely Tree by Rod Lowe

On a long drive to Dubbo NSW Australia, I spotted this unusual sight of a solitary tree standing in an otherwise completely empty field that had recently been ploughed to remove all other plant life. Other motorists must have thought me mad to stop in the middle of nowhere and take photos of a tree!

F7.1, 1/640s, ISO100, 70mm

Thoughts from the reviewer

Simple landscapes with clean gradient sky are often nothing special so black and white is a good choice to make this photo special. I love how simple and clean it is. There’s absolutely nothing that should or could be changed on this photo. All technical details are done right and composition could hardly get any better than this. There’s one tiny detail I wouldn’t mind being different, but that’s just a personal taste. I like minimalist black and white photos either very clean with high contrast or in sepia tones. I believe the photo was crystal clear when taken, but with cropping and post-processing it has lost some of the sharpness so adjusting contrast a bit would help get that back.

So if it was me doing the post-processing, the finished photo would look something like this:

Or just black and white with a bit more contrast like this:

Otherwise, you nailed it - A very well done for spotting this scene and stopping your car to capture it.

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