Photo Review - Son by Murray Kinsella

The awakening of a 4 week old baby.

F3.5, 1/10s, 50mm

Initial Thoughts

While there are so many things that would have been done better, I still like one thing particularly about this photo:

Shallow Depth of field - The shallow depth of field in baby photography helps to create a feeling of tenderness which is evident in this photo.


These are the things that I think can be improved upon...


When cropping a photograph, it is important to keep one thing in mind - the “rule of thirds”. It’s a composition rule that suggests we divide our shot and place our main subject on the lines or where the lines meet. This rule cannot be over emphasised as it helps to separate the main subject from the entire photo and also shows the relationship between the subject and its environment.

Compare my crop of the photo below against the original submission to see how I suggest a shot like this should be composed