Photo Review - Molly by Paul Willyams

A portrait of a young Irish woman. When I met her I was immediately drawn to her eyes and I wanted to capture that look. To be fair on you for your critique, this image was the Gold Medal best colour print in the Maitland International Salon.

Halswell Quarry, Christchurch, NZ

F4, 1/50s, ISO500, 100mm focal length. I used a tripod and had continuous LED lighting camera right.

Initial Thoughts from the Reviewer:

Firstly, I want to say this is a lovely photo. I will point out a few things that make me say this:


  • The photo looks like it was taken under two lightning set-up – A key light from the right and a fill light (or possibly a silver reflector) from the left; both at 45 degree angles and 90 degree level to the subject which allows for perfect illumination

  • The Quality of the light is relatively soft which helps put a perfect balance between shadows and highlights.

Catch Light

  • Catch light in portrait photography is probably one of the most important elements to always consider. And it is the case in this photo. The catch light makes the photo really interesting to look upon.