Interview with Chasewild

James Broadbent and Cameron Thorp are the owners of Chasewild, a brand that promotes creative honesty, joy, and love. Together, they take incredible photos of couples and inspire others to find their most authentic selves. We were honoured to interview both of them for our blog. Please enjoy their inspiring answers!

What inspired you to start working together?

We met whilst studying at university (not photography) and have been friends for a long time. We have both always love photography but grew passionate about it as an art form around the same time. We spent hours talking about it, learning, and shooting together. After uni we lived in different cities and began separate wedding photography business. After a couple of years of growing these businesses and shooting together when we could, we decided that we could build a stronger brand and business together. We already had a similar style and ethos and so it made a lot of sense. So we started Chasewild. Working as friends in this kind of business partnership has not been without challenges, but we have worked out good systems to keep things clear, fair and moving forward. We are looking forward to big things in 2018.