Interview with Victoria Stoeva

Victoria Stoeva is a passionate artist from Bulgaria. Her photographs are authentic and graceful, a combination that encourages others to find honesty in their own work. Though many of her photographs feature people, she strives to photograph all kinds of beauty. With a portfolio overflowing with travel, portrait, food, and lifestyle photos, Victoria is a tremendous source of inspiration. In this interview, we talk about her interests, why she embraces so many photography genres, and more. Enjoy!

When and why did you start taking photographs?

I started taking photographs a long time ago, in the first years of high school I think. I must have been 15 or 16 years old. I was studying fine arts so taking pictures was a good addition to what I was doing then. I loved finding or creating the objects I wanted to shoot, then taking the photo and at last making it even more my own by playing with color in the different programs. I wanted to collect and create moments and memories.

Your portfolio is beautifully diverse. What inspires you to work within so many genres?

Yes, I love different genres of photography and I shoot different things. And It is because I find beauty and something worth captured everywhere. I love the different genres because of different reasons but this is the main one. We live in such a beautiful world with beautiful light, with beautiful people, with beautiful colors, with even more beautiful emotions, so all of this is worthy of being captured and photographed I think.