Simply Stupid Photography Fails That Have Happened To Us All

Annie Spratt

There are some moments in a photographer's life when they could really kick themselves for being so stupid. Whether pro or amateur, some of these (almost) laughable 'duh moments', whether embarrassing, fatal or just plain stupid, have, I'm sure, happened to you at least once.

Dirty Screen – Trying to clone out a speck of dirt (or a blurred bird) on a photo only to realise it's not in the photo, it's on your screen. How many times have you done this?!

Lesson – Keep the computer screen clean!

Cards & Batteries - Going out on a day-trip, trying to take the first photo of the day and realising you either don't have a memory card inserted (because it's still in the computer from when you were backing up) or you don't have a battery in the camera (because it's still sat charging at home).

Lesson – Make sure to carry a spare card and spare batteries.

No Camera – How many times has it happened to you? You see a fabulous shot but don't have the camera with you because you were 'just' popping to the shop / to see a friend / etc etc.

Lesson – Take your camera everywhere you go!

Wrong Settings – Forgetting to change settings whether it be ISO, white balance or shooting in the wrong mode such as Macro.... Of course, you only realise this once it's too late to go back to re-take the photos.

Lesson – Always review your shot straight after taking it.

Lens Cap – How many times have you looked through the viewfinder and wondered why you couldn't see anything... Turned the camera on and off only then discovering the lens cap is still on! If you were trying to shoot stars on a moonless night it's almost forgiveable, but in broad daylight...

Lesson - What can we say? Wake up?!

Tripod Connection – You're nodding your head already aren't you?! The obvious one is grabbing the tripod, and the camera, getting to the location and realising you don't have the connection to fit the camera to the tripod.

Lesson – Check your kit before you leave.

Not Backing Up – How many of you have lost photos? Whether it was because of a corrupt card, accidentally formatting a card, or something going wrong with your hard-drive it's a lesson that most of us learn the hard way.

Lesson – Backup the same day using different methods.

Breaking The Lens or Body – The most epic fail of all, a shudder may have just run through your body at the thought of it. Dropping your camera, or it falling over on a tripod are common occurrences.

Lesson – Buy Insurance.

What fails have you had? We'd love to hear about them in the comments, providing you can now see the funny side of the story!

Max Panamá

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