B&W Photography Tips

Black & white photography is powerful and eye-opening. A lack of colour often reveals details that viewers would typically overlook (like highlights, shadows, and materials). Because of this genre's immense potential, we'd like to share a few helpful tips with all you b&w photography enthusiasts!

Shoot in B&W Mode If possible, switch to black and white mode in your camera. This will allow you to see the world from a completely different perspective. You may notice unique contrasts that wouldn't have stood out as much without this mode.

Find Monochrome Inspiration in the Classics Black and white films are as useful as monochromatic portfolios. In today's world of vibrant colours, being exposed to old films will not only inspire you, but refresh your mind. A few films worth watching are To Kill a Mockingbird, Modern Times, and Some Like It Hot. If you're interested in discovering even more b&w films, check out this IMDB list!

Details to Watch out For

Focusing on at least one of these elements in your black and white photographs will significantly enhance your compositions:

- Shapes - Patterns - Contrasts - Textures

More Inspiration Just for You

Last but not least, here is a collection of stunning b&w photographs we love. We hope these works of art inspire you as much as they inspire us!