If New Zealand was in Europe

Where would New Zealand be if it were placed in the Northern Hemisphere latitude with east (instead of west) longitude?

Researchers say it would neatly fit next to Spain, Italy, and France.

"Tuatapere would be next to Trieste, Christchurch near Nice, Greymouth on Corsica, Wellington parallel with Barcelona and Auckland not far from Algiers." - NZ History

Inspired by this information, we collected a variety of photos taken in both New Zealand and Italy, one of the countries New Zealand would be neighboring with if it existed in Europe. Summer is right around the corner in New Zealand, while the Northern Hemisphere is still enjoying the remains of a very vibrant autumn. We hope this feature encourages you to appreciate the beauty of nature and the immense talent of photographers from around the world. :)

Lago di Corlo, Italy - Federico Beccari