The Role of Tech in Education

There’s no getting away from it, technology is revolutionising the way our children are being taught in schools. But what happens when the bell goes at 3:15? How many kids turn to their smartphones not for education but for entertainment? And what about if we take this a step further? How many of us adults actively continue to educate ourselves and discover new things after we’ve left school?

By David Bruyndonckx

Well, there’s some mixed news regarding the second point, as while New Zealanders enjoy one of the highest levels of adult participation in education – 68% according to a 2016 OECD report – the same cannot be said for other countries, where there is a 46% average.

Thankfully, tech is making it even easier for us to discover new things and engage with the learning process like never before and Excio is happy to play a very small part in this.

We do not profess to be a facilitator of tutelage or an online learning course provider, but what we do provide users with is the opportunity to learn something new. Did you know, for example, that ‘kakariki’ means small parrot or that the wind on the Awhitu peninsula is so strong that it can bend trees almost to the ground?

You would do if you follow our Facebook page and while such information might not land you your dream job, it can enrich your life by creating a deeper sense of appreciation of the world around us.

If we link all of this back to our original point regarding smartphones, then