Finding images to inspire you

We often associate creativity with artists, musicians, writers and those multimillionaire entrepreneurs who somehow manage to think of awesome tech products. Yet, creativity lies within all of us. Whether it’s creating a recipe for turning yesterday’s leftovers into a nutritional meal, fixing a car with non-regular parts or discovering a new way to spend your lazy Sunday afternoons.

Sometimes all creativity needs is a spark to inspire you.

By James Foot

Excio aims to provide that spark by sending wonderful images of wildlife, nature, people, cityscapes, art and literature to the home screen of your mobile device. Often, an image is enough to inspire the old brain matter into working but when it’s not, you’ll also get to discover nuggets of information and the backstory behind the image.

The reason we do all of this is that we want to help our users discover something new and when people are exposed to new things their horizons are broadened and when that happens, inspiration can strike.

Inspiration doesn’t always come when we expect it, so our continually changing home screen images – which are based on your preferences and interests – help to keep the visual stimulus coming and if you don’t like what you see, you can simply swipe on to the next image.

And the inspiration isn’t reserved just for our users. Members of the Excio Community who post and share their images on the platform can also gain inspiration. Not only by seeing what like-minded Community Members are posting but by also looking at the data and insight that we supply on how their images are performing.

This can challenge Community Members to rethink what makes their images successful and explore new themes and ideas to help them attract more followers. While images can be incredibly inspiring so too can data and figures, especially if you start to see a particular theme of imagery gain a lot of traction and views.

So, whether you’re a student struggling to build up the motivation to study, a stay at home parent bored of watching reality TV, a high-flying executive looking for their next marketing campaign or an aspiring photographer, jump onto Excio and let inspiration strike you at any time.

By Genessa Panainte

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