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If you’re a photographer, then you’ve probably received or read 100’s of bits of advice about how, why and when you should be blogging about your photographic experiences. Such posts will be full of guidance about which social media platforms you should be on and why you need to be telling people in hundreds of words every week about what made you become a photographer or what inspires you.

Now all of that is great and if you’re doing it already, please keep at it because people love reading that kind of stuff. But, here’s the thing. If you’re a photographer, the chances are you’re a visual person and you want your art to tell the story. You’re probably not a writer and the thought of sitting down and composing streams of prose each week sends you into a coma.

By Matthew Payne

This is where Excio can really help you out.

We provide you with the chance to spread your photography work without having to write blogs. The only storytelling that our users look for is a short description of the photo to help add a little bit of context to the picture.

They’ll follow you and like your photographs because of the quality of your images and not how great you are at creative writing.

Excio provides another outlet for your talent and if you do still want to write blogs on your website, then you can link directly to them from any of your images in your Excio Account. We’re not here to replace your photography blog, but rather to add an alternative way to help you boost your profile.

Even if they wanted to, not many people have the time nowadays to read articles each week from their favourite photographers but that doesn’t mean that they don’t want to hear from you. They still want to see the amazing pictures you take and feel inspired by the brilliance of your work and Excio gives them the ability to do just that from the screen of their mobile phone.

So, if you’re a photo blogger, reach out to a new audience and set up your Excio account today.

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