Excio Feature: Richard Brooker and His Incredible Photographs

Richard Brooker (also known as The Untrained Eye on Excio), is a landscape, long exposure, b&w, and urban exploration photographer from New Zealand. An active part of the community, Richard inspires us with his creative vision on a daily basis. We're very happy to share both his work and a short interview on our blog.

We hope his talent inspires you to nurture yours, too.

What drew you to photography?

It all started with Instagram. April 2012 Instagram hit the android platform and I ran with it. 2013 saw my first dslr and I now shoot full frame. All the way through, regardless of what I was shooting with, I enjoyed recording moments, truths, things that mean something but are often overlooked as meaningless or are flat out unobserved. Taking the mundane and making something out of it.

How do you deal with creative challenges?

There are plenty of these. Recognising when there is something to photograph, working out how you want that something to be recorded and then recording it. I find people to be the most challenging, not the least getting them in front of the camera. There is so much expression in a human face that I find capturing it extremely difficult.