Judging a book by its cover

We really do judge books by their covers. The artistic merit of the cover design is what pulls our attention towards the book and encourages us to pick it up. It’s only then, do we start reading any words.

The Hobbit, 1984, Treasure Island. They’re all classic books with classic front covers but have you ever thought about the artist behind the picture? How they encapsulate the whole story in a single illustration without giving away the twists and turns of the novel?

By Annie Spratt

It’s an amazing talent and requires a lot of time and dedication to get it just right. It’s not uncommon for publishers to go through dozens of different book cover designs before settling on the one they want. What’s more, if you buy a book in NZ and the same one in the US you’ll probably find variations in cover designs to reflect the differences in culture and markets.

Subconsciously, book covers inspire us to read and the joy which can come from that as well as the insight and knowledge that we gain is immeasurable. And while we might all be able to list our favourite authors, who can say who their favourite book designer is?

Yet, without these designers, we might never have got to discover the authors that we love and cherish.

You might be starting to wonder what all this has to do with Excio, but it’s our belief that many of these fantastic pieces of artwork should b