The Excio way of delivering your mobile content marketing strategy

‘Mobile Content Marketing’ – the latest middle-management office speak to make bosses sound important or something for everyone to get excited about? Well, it’s probably a bit of both, as delivering interactive media-rich content to the mobile phones of your followers is something that you should be thinking about too.

By Brooke Cagle

But first, an important stat. 37.7% of web traffic in Australia & New Zealand is from a mobile device. This trend is only going to increase and while large organisations can throw thousands of dollars at creating expensive Apps and have teams of professionals generating content on a seemingly endless basis, it’s just not possible for photographers and artists to do the same.

Until now.

Excio provides you with your own visual media channel. A place where you can easily post content, connect with your followers and link them back to your website. More than just a photo or image sharing site, Excio allows you to add audio to your content along with the story of how you became inspired to take that stunning photograph.

This might all sound rather straightforward and really, tha