Tips and Tricks on How to Earn Money and Thrive as a Photographer

By Alif Ngoylung

It's exhilarating to have an interest you want to perfect and find success with. Earning money and thriving as an artist in general is something a lot of people strive to achieve. We naturally want to nourish the things we care about; our interests are like evergrowing plants in a garden brimming with joy, creations we're willing to support no matter what. We garden interests, passions, and thoughts. In short, we deeply care about the things that have shaped us into who we are right now.

Though there are many ways you can succeed and earn money, we'd like to highlight a few tips that, when experimented with, will provide you with valuable opportunities and an abundance of motivation. Here is how you can earn money and thrive as a photographer!

Know Who You Are

A strong idea about your brand will strengthen your reputation and confidence. Knowing what makes you stand out as an artist will enable you to find appropriate jobs that match your preferences.

If the idea you have about your brand isn't clear to you, try experimenting with a variety of projects. Work on projects with weekly themes to better understand your craft. If you're feeling even more creative, try out a genre of photography you're not familiar with at all. If you're a portrait photographer, for instance, taking photos of strangers might provide you with a useful reflection of your communication skills. This will allow you to clearly see your strengths and weaknesses. In addition to facing new challenges, ask yourself these questions:

  • What kind of photographer am I?

  • What makes me stand out as an artist?

  • Who is my target audience?

  • What do I want to achieve, and what will I do when I reach my biggest goal?

Seek Authenticity

Many clients love authentic personalities. This doesn't mean you have to share your personal life with the world (unless you want to). All you can do is occasionally post behind-the-scenes photographs (Instagram is ideal for that) to show others what you've been up to as a photographer. This will make you more approachable and relatable, something a lot of people cherish, especially in the virtual world.

Be Consistent

You don't need to be active on every social media platform. Choose one or two that nourish your goals and make you feel comfortable. That way, you'll have more time and energy to post high quality work you care about. A few social platforms to consider are:

  • 500px: ideal for making a neat portfolio and connecting with photographers

  • Instagram: great for connecting with a diverse audience and reaching out to potential clients

  • DeviantART: perfect for artists who want to build an intimate and supportive community of art-loving individuals

  • Excio: if you want to start your day with inspiring phone wallpapers or simply share your work with those who will admire it, Excio was made for you

Search for Opportunities

It's easy to give up on the idea of personal success and settle for anything. Don't let yourself listen to fleeting doubts. Instead, relentlessly search for opportunities. Contact your local newspaper and ask if they need a photographer or contributor, start writing for a photography blog, learn how to retouch and find editing-related jobs, or simply join Facebook groups filled with members from your area whom you could offer your services to. Even if hundreds of attempts prove to be fruitless, keep going. Have faith in yourself and the perfect opportunity will emerge.

By Felix Russell-Saw

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