Putting NZ Photographer in the limelight

Digital cameras on mobile phones have come a long way in the last few years, but they’re still nowhere near, in terms of quality, a photographer’s professional equipment.

And yet, millions of people are happy to have these poor-quality photos as the backdrop on their mobile home screens. Subconsciously, we take in those images hundreds of times a week on every occasion we pick up our phones.

This is why NZ Photographer is joining forces with Excio. We want to offer mobile phone users the chance to have amazing images as the backdrop on their phones, but it’s also about so much more than great photos.

Photographs tell stories and unless you were there at the time the photo was taken or you know the photographer, that story often never gets told. One of the great things about Excio and why NZ Photographer is teaming up with them is that it gives the photographer the chance to record an audio file along with the image or write a few words about how, why and when they captured the image. All of that additional information is available to users directly from their mobile home screen.

The narrative provides the context for the photograph meaning that the people who see it can engage with it more and have a deeper appreciation for the art form that it is.

NZ Photographer is the first magazine to operate on the Excio platform and connect with its readership through their mobile home screens. The sheer number of times people are looking at their