Going wild about nature

We’re excited to team up with Staglands Wildlife Reserve and Café to bring you all the latest goings on from their amazing facilities, direct to your mobile home screen.

Staglands offers an exciting opportunity to connect with animals and nature in the beautiful Wellington surroundings, and now you can take them with you wherever you go.

With your imagination sparked by the discoveries you’ll make during your visit there, you can then explore the lives of their animals even further once you’re home. Even if you can’t make a visit to see them in action, Staglands is a great organisation to follow on Excio as you can expect to see lots of great photos, insights and updates on everything wildlife related.

We’re proud that Staglands have chosen to become one of our first partners and pleased to bring you the most fascinating photos and stories from their inhabitants.

The weather might be a bit hit ‘n’ miss at the moment but that’s not going to stop the little creatures – the animals, not your children – getting out and about in the Reserve, so discover, learn and enjoy everything about nature at this time of year.

Download Excio, follow Staglands and start exploring your world.

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